Fire Island Day One


5. Fire Island Morning/
Slept late until workers came/
Strange busy rush/

6. Dozens of workers/
Carpenters creating decks/
NOT on vacation/

7. Human contrast ‘twixt/
Workers & vacationers/
Reminds us of life/

8. Sandy’s destruction/
Demands new categories/
Of more skilled workers/

9. These high skilled workers/
Are not camouflaged in meek/
Knowing their value/

10. These workers remind/
Vacationers of priv’lege/
Strange awarenesses/

11. I’m grateful knowing/
The Work that creates idyll/
I’m part of this whole/

12. Strangely this morning/
Nature supplanted people/
Vermin assert life/

13. Clouds of mosquitoes/
A verminous blood halo/
Renaissance of bites/


One response to “Fire Island Day One

  1. I like the way the violence of the words contrasts with the peaceful imagery.

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