Gatsby Haiku Review


#Baz #Luhrmann’s #Gatsby/
Was surprisingly pleasant/
A pretty good #flick/

Production design/
& DeCaprio’s #Gatsby/
Were well worth watching/

Fantastic Costumes/
& faux aged New York City/
Were interesting/
#haiku #gatsby

Clever impression/
If not true fidelity/
In this new #Gatsby/

#Race’s clever use/
Added a new patina/
On segregation/
#haiku #Gatsby

Ubiquitous #Blacks/
Reminded viewers of #race/
Without preaching much/
#haiku #Gatsby


4 responses to “Gatsby Haiku Review

  1. I liked the movie too. At first, I was skeptical; the cynical part of me thought “hip-hop sells more than jazz,” so that’s why the producers wanted a hip-hop soundtrack. But then, I thought about it and decided what brings out the crazy materialism, and also, the strange earnestness of people trying to achieve the “American Dream” better than hip-hop? It was a clever way to draw parallels with our contemporary culture, and as you point out, subtly critique Fritzgerald’s own racism (which mocks middle-class African-Americans/Alain Locke’s New Negroes).

  2. I had forgotten that Rochelle,
    Thanks for reminding me
    The movie made me want to re-read the book
    Now, even more so.

  3. “Curbside Haiku” is a New York City public safety campaign featuring clever road safety sign designs and haikus by artist John Morse . Two hundred signs will be installed at locations around the city. The campaign is sponsored by the New York City Department of Transportation.

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