Ambulatory Surgery


12. Ambulatory/
Hand surgery with hardware/
I’m a bit afraid/

13. Pre-surgery fast/
Difficult because I eat/

14. Waiting room TV/
Game shows: American greed/
Fight for un-needed/

15. Loud television/
Drowning out humanity/
Easing their function/

17. Stripped of belongings/
Ev’rything vouchered like jail/
Sit waiting for Doc./
# haiku

18. Climb to the table/
Painful IV under skin/
Drift off to warm drugs/

19. Post-Operation/
Dizzy nausea from drugs/
Confused and cold/

20. Nurses & Doctors/
At your most traumatic times/
Are simply workers/

21. I am in some pain/
It is the pain of healing/
Life keeps improving/

16. Surgery went well/
Discomfort is unpleasant/
I will be just fine/


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