[Annotated] Dawn

[Annotated] Morning Meditation Haiku

13. I love my mornings/
Where I’m alone with my thoughts/
(Seeing connections)/

A. I rise painfully/
Early existing alone/
Where I contemplate/

B. This time before dawn/
Where I can think for myself/
Is precious to me/

14. The complexity/
Of my cluttered life reveals/
My life’s harmony/

C. The contemplation/
Morning alone time gives me/
Permits me to see/

D. The plain facts require/
Insight and contemplation/
To be clarified/

15. The mechanisms/
Allowing my happiness/
Are revealed to me/

E. When I examine/
The components of my life/
I see I am blessed/

F. Blessings aren’t magic/
Or some gift given by G_d/
They’re just perception/

16. Each complicated/
Asset or embarrassment:/

G. Particular facts/
Can be opportunities/
With some adjustments/

H. When I step away/
And ignore disappointment/
Life is always good/

17. The mechanical/
Nature of mistakes & joys/
Grind out my heaven/

I. Events examined/
Should be interpreted well/
To find the blessings/

J. Possibilities/
Fail to materialize/
To bring more chances/

18a. Smoothing rough edges/
Takes some painful polishing/
Understood alone/

18b. Smoothing rough edges/
Requires painful polishing/
Understood later/

K. Remediating/
Life’s problems are sometimes gifts/
The work is the gift/

L. It is with distance/
That we can see benefits/
Of life’s small problems/

19. My meditation/
& morning contemplation/
Expose my blessings/

M. My observation/
Transforms as if alchemy/
Life into Heaven/

N. Find your alchemy/
Of optimistic thinking/
By contemplating/




One response to “[Annotated] Dawn

  1. Every morning I give myself an hour of quiet time. But, its mostly me sitting around like this :
    I’m not a morning person and until my coffee kicks in there is no deep thought processing. I’m more of a night person. When everyone is tucked in and sleeping THATS when i like to write and think. Sadly, I hardly can stay up later than everyone else. Time is not kind. Real life responsibilities always impeding.

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