Subjectivity of Victims (or why we like the weak)

1. Adorable pets/
Are cute because don’t have/
2. Modern subjects will/
Protect the most powerless/
To feel meaningful/
3. Faraway poor folks/
Tibetans and Fetuses/
Assuage our egos/
4. Protect those beings/
Who can’t cut our privilege/
Has to be easy/
5. The unborn are not/
Demanding of anyone/
Except the mothers/
6. Protecting beings/
Who are not yet born is easy/
‘Cause they cost others/
7. Tibetans are real/
In China, Nepal & Queens/
Taking no suburbs/
8. Tibetan rights are/
Costs for our rival Chinese/
Not OUR wealth & ease/
9. 3rd world Christians are/
Particularly saintly/
(They agree with us)/
10. Don’t improve the rights/
Of local people who need/
Because we might LOSE/
11. The rights of the poor/
Are reduced to benefit/
The lives of wealthy/
12. In China or here/
Giving the poor more freedom/
Costs powerful more/
13. Give up your own rights/
limit your own privilege/
To improve the world/
14. “Ask not what [the world]/
Can do for you— ask what you/
can do for your [world]/

2 responses to “Subjectivity of Victims (or why we like the weak)

  1. Love the last one. P.s. i still owe you a letter !

  2. I wrote haiku chains to explain
    More involved considerations
    Of things in the world that seemed plain
    Now doggerel’s explanation

    We fight to liberate people
    Who cannot our status challenge
    It is laziness not evil
    That makes us the distant defend

    Should give OUR destitute power
    Though it will cause us discomfort
    Identity’s fragile flower
    Grown from mulch of racist effort

    I wrestle with subjective truth
    In sonnets’ rhymes put my proof

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