enSlaved Metaphor

33p. enSlaved Metaphor/
Tortured for information/
Regarding this man/

33a. Slaves to luxury/
Serving the gilded master/
Demanding our ease/

33b. Slaves to property/
Toiling in consumption’s fields/
Harvesting desire/

33c. Propriety’s slaves/
Seeing appropriate looks/
Approving of lies/

33d. Enslaved by desire:/
Beaten at the whipping post/
Of public longing/

33q. Celebrity’s slave/
Cool balm of fame glistening/
Upon abject fear/

33e. Enslaved by desire:/
Beaten at the whipping post/
Of covetousness/

33f. Enslaved by habits/
I ease into middle age/
Beaten by comforts/

33g. My hard master is/
The sloth which is my reward/
For working my job/

33h. Taking my comfort/
Supplants dreams of greatness/
With relaxation/

33i. My relaxation/
Is the mental camouflage/
I hide my dreams with/

33k. Until I admit/
I am a slave to habit/
I cannot escape/

33l. Freedom’s frightening/
I am responsible there/
For all my actions/

33m. I am so enslaved/
In my abject servitude:/
Maintaining my life/

33n. My overseer/
Whips with justification/
In the fields of sloth/

33o. Still I won’t escape/
To freedom where I can fail/
(“Better the devil…”)/

33j. Thank you for the truth/
My writing has beaten me with/
In your presence G_d/


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