Staying Off Facebook

29a. Staying off Facebook/
I miss My digital friends/
So I write letters/

29c. Envelopes & stamps/
Are not as ubiquitous/
As email accounts/

29d. But postal letters/
Have a physicality/
That pleases people/

29e. When you write letters/
You are thinking while writing/
It’s meditative/

29f. Writing on paper/
Is meditation with pens/
Thinking of others/

29b. Writing real letters/
In this new email epoch:/
Passive aggressive/

29g. People feel burdened/
Returning thoughtful letters/
Sitting with a pen/

29h. Email’s so easy/
It’s generally done without/
Meditative thought/

29i. Writing on paper/
Surprises you with the thoughts/
Your hands scribbled down/

29j. So write me letters/
Postcards and physical things/
So I can see you/


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