Judging by Judging

(I finished Tom Reiss’ The Black Count, a good read.)

33. Primitive Living/
Is modern independence/
From society/

34. Individuals:/
Products of society/
No-0ne* is self-made/
#haiku *nothing

35. Isolated souls/
Depend upon their hardware/
Eschewing people/

36. Myth: independence/
Self-Created Characters/
Require audience/

37. Self-Made characters/
Pre-suppose an audience:/
Fantasizing souls/

38. Fantasizing souls/
Dream’s shirking obligations/
To “other” people/


2 responses to “Judging by Judging

  1. :looks at my night stand hosting my latest read…a YA paranormal romance/action novel:

    I should nourish my mind with some substance reading. lol.

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