Random Haiku Journal

(Haiku found in journal)

38. Introspection and/
Self-reflection are trouble/
To good consumers/

39. Exploring ourselves/
Both conscious and sub-conscious/
Is how to find G_d/

40. Rote repetition/
Won’t uncover any good:/
Just bury virtue/

41. I need to escape/
The echo-chamber of “me:”/
Rejoin life’s spirit/

42. Prayers are like Ego/
“Right some wrong that I perceive/
Omni-potent world!”/

43. Doing chores is love*/
I prepare food to “say” love/
Things done to show love/
*laundry (pronounced laundERy?) is love in notebook

44. We can give them love/
In daily domestic chores/
(Even teens accept)/

45. I cook to show love/
It is the cuddle & hug/
That they* still accept/
#haiku *teens

46. Laundry and cleaning/
Do the same for their mother/
Love that they accept/

47. Elaborate meals/
& meticulous cleaning/
Are part vanity/

48. “Forgiving others/
Is a [small] gift to yourself[:/
Escape] resentment”/
#haiku via @JonathanLockwoodHuie

49. Freedom is unarmed/
& Peace needs no peacekeepers/
Weapons are problems/

50. Guns become weapons/
When they are aimed at people/
It is all intent/

51a. Gun Utopias:/
Very bad for Living things/
Heaven doesn’t kill/

51b. Gun Utopias:/
Very bad for Living things/
Heaven lacks power/

52. “Powerful’s” “Heaven”/
Is hierarchical Hell/
G_d needs no power/


3 responses to “Random Haiku Journal

  1. Just want to say, that picture is creepy. Is that snow? painted red? It’s SO red…

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