Grading Black Lit Finals Haiku

Grading Haikus

16. Reading Endlessly/
Final exams showing much/
(Of their distractions)/

17. Lectures and readings/
Turned into raw sausages/
Squeezed into Blue-Books/

18. Some evade learning/
Like the startled trespassers/
Avoiding the light/

19. Then I read a test/
That defiantly points out/
I could have taught more!/

20. S/he takes my lectures/
Builds an elegant thesis/
That outshines my own/

21. Some students clearly/
Overstand literature/
And have been waiting/


22. Harriet Jacobs/
Wrote *Incidents* way back when/
For TH!S young person/

23. Race Repression in/
Have not changed at all/

24. When Jacobs declared/
“Pity me & pardon me”/
She predicted now/

25. Students are still moved/
By prejudice & the truth/
Of so long ago/*
*Written so long ere

26. Reading this brilliance/
After seven hundred words/
Of summary: great/

27. S/He revives my soul:/
Insight & Understanding/
Validate my work/

28. I hope one day you/
See your work validated/
By a students’ thoughts/

2 responses to “Grading Black Lit Finals Haiku

  1. Awe. It’s great to have that one student that validates it all. I feel that way with my writing, if it reaches and helps one person thats all that matters. I miss writing in those blue books. Time restricting, no sitting at home planning. Just digging inside your brain and heart and sloppily trying to get it all out yet still having a message to relay. It was a nice writing challenge, grade be damned, i didnt care about that. I loved the writing.

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