Forgotten Birthdays

8. Celebrating life/
Greedily on this one day/
Because I was born/

9. Inventorying/
The blessings of my grand life/
One friend at a time/

10. My life’s mosaic/
Is created of faces/
Blurring into me/

11. My life is so sweet/
Because of the bitter times/
Life let me survive/

12. It is bitterness/
That Flavors life’s real sweetness/
If I am patient/

13. I share my birthday/
With a charming young student/
Recapturing youth/

14. Remembering is/
Highly over-rated while/
Forgetting is bad/

15. The semester’s done/
Reading these endless papers:/
Was ANYTHING learned?/

One response to “Forgotten Birthdays

  1. The last one made me Lol’d so much. AH i miss school 😦

    Happy birthday again! Hope you had a great day!

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