*Searching for Sugarman* haiku review

Finally went to see *Sugarman* and liked it. But I had some questions about race. I know I am too touchy, but I couldn’t figure out why he went back to Detroit. Also the only villain was the producer, a black guy, in a movie made by liberal South African whites. (& what happened to the daughters’ mother?)
“Things that make you go hmmm”

Here is my haiku review:


1. Modern fairy tale:/
Was “Searching for Sugarman”/
Some late onset fame/

2. Sixto Rodriguez/
Recorded in ’70/
Discovered later/

3. A riveting tale/
Of the humility found/
In a working soul/

4. The curious thing/
Was his return to Detroit’s/

5. Celebrity calls/
The insecure drop their lives/
Into the hopper/

6. Who has the courage/
To reject celebrity?/
Only the righteous/

7. Rodriguez returns/
To a shabby hometown love/

8. Perhaps Rodriguez/
Saw the fame as gossamer/
Krynoline beauty/

9. I was so surprised/
The only villain was Black/
And the only Black/

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