Election Morning Haikus

What a nice surprise/
Awake to re-election/
And Obama’s HOPE/

America wins/
Digging itself out from cash/
Of election fight/

He* tolerated/
Sins and Bigots for a win/
God will remember/
#haiku *Romney

We are one country/
We Hope for better future/
Will we work for peace?/

Celebrations start/
Super-pac Money #wasted/
Democracy wins/

Equality &/
Freedom seem victorious/
To this liberal/

Mega-business holds/
On capitalist system/
Will begin to end/

Obstructionist pols/
Will admit the strategy/
Hurt #America/

#GOP #nonsense/
Soundly #Repudiated:/
#America #hopes/

Time for soul searching/
America asks itself/
Why do I fear Blacks?/

We can’t celebrate/
When lies define policy/
As socialism/

Hope springs eternal/
Austerity’s avarice/
Motivates some men/

Greed’s austerity/
Financed by the billionaires:/

Unity triumphs/
Behind both healthcare & peace/
Keeping life sacred/


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