Hurricane Sandy 10-29-12

1. Storm surges without/
A metaphor of disquiet/
Of repressed desires/

2. Wind-gusts from the East/
Buffeting our big building/
Pelting us with rain/

2b. Wind-gusts from the East/
Pushing in summer’s heavy/

2c. Frightening power/
Pushes air-conditioners/
Back into our house/

3. Though quite frightening/
In our Apartment Tower/
We just baked cookies/

4. The widespread damage/
Mostly buffeted our trees/
In leafy Woodside/

5. “Socialist” housing/
With our own generator/
Never lost power/
#haiku #mitchelllama

6. We who have survived/
Owe the commonweal for help:/
Great infrastructure/

7. Individuals,/
Rugged and otherwise, died/
Together, we lived/

8. After the tempest/
Community stands taller/
Because we survived/

9. I’m glad you’re alive/
With you survives creation/
G_d is in us all/

10. Creation & G_d/
Exist only in humans/
And won’t outlast us/


One response to “Hurricane Sandy 10-29-12

  1. Glad all was safe in your part of the woods!

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