On Beauty

2. Being “beautiful”/
Without any confidence/
In yourself destroys*/
#haiku *erodes

3. Beauty’s burden weighs/
Heavily upon women/
When Objectified/

4a. Actual beauty/
Invisible to the eye/

5b. Actual beauty/
Invisible to the eye/
A fact to the heart/

5c. Actual beauty/
Invisible to the eye/
But plain to the soul/

6. Gossamer beauty/
Pleases the lower senses/
But can’t feed the soul/

7a. Accepted beauty/
Are “looks” empty calories/
Sweet not nourishing/

7b. Accepted beauty/
Social empty calories/
Sweet not nourishing/

8. Friendship is a feast/
While desire’s satisfaction/
Can leave us starving/

9a. Gaining ev’rything/
Can leave people abandoned/
Amongst vapid toys/

9b. Gaining ev’rything/
Can leave our souls abandoned/
Amidst emptiness/

10. These observations/
Upon beauty and desire/
Come too late for me/

11. Decades already spent/
Victim of social desire/
Leaves me with today/

12. Knowing that desire/
Is a social competition/
As much as real joy/

13. Knowing what I know/
I’m grateful for my mistakes/
& accept the past/



2 responses to “On Beauty

  1. AH Stafford haven’t seen you on wordpress in a little while!

    5b and 5c is my favorite. It’s been awhile since you’ve posted your haiku’s here and on facebook ( unless I’ve been missing it?) so I read these with a fresh eye and mind and renewed appreciation for you ability to write haiku’s flawlessly, making it seem effortless. Have you ever seriously pursued publishing a photography/haiku book? I think it would sell like hot cakes and it’s a unique concept combining art. Think about it!

    And FYI , I’ve applied to temp retail jobs for the seasonal holiday but i stilled listed LaGuardia’s Lit Mag as experience and left your name and number for reference to that. I got hired yesterday but they still wanted to check references. So if you get a call at your work number from JCPenny…that’s for me. lol.

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