My Muse Has Narcolepsy

29. I awoke early/
But my muse is sleeping in/
So I write #haiku/

30. Rainy Fall mornings/
Are equally important/
To summer sunrise/

31. I need to seduce/
My muse with work’s discipline/
Not these trite #haiku/

32. I want to return/
To more longer form writing/
Explaining big thoughts/

33. #Haiku are slothful/
Atomized sharp ideas/
Shared for mere ego/

34. I need to expand/
My thinking to articles/
Published in journals/


4 responses to “My Muse Has Narcolepsy

  1. if you write it, i will read. Why not start with those forced free writes you put us students through? I wrote a keeper in your class with one of the free writes for “their eyes are watching god” ( thats the name of the book right? its been awhile lol)

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  3. stafford,
    i read a journal almost everyday to “keep up with my profession” 90% of it is wordy ego. the other 10% makes me do my work a whole lot better so i keep reading.
    and i hear the literary journals are the same, but i can’t comment on those.
    haiku makes twain’s quote “if i had more time i would have written a shorter letter” relevant. its more like a photograph than a writing.
    lets a drink a toast to to haiku!

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