Origami Haiku Journal

39. “The Gaze” & “The Look”/
Interpellation methods/
Wielded by US/

40. Establishment shot/
Explains the situation/
While saying nothing/

41. Life is so perfect/
Although hurtling nowhere/
It’s what needs to be/

42. We’re Reunited/
A fam’ly for one more year/
Reinventing life/

43. Teens are growing up/
Still the children we loved so/
Adults we admire/

44. Haiku are poems/
In A.D.H.D. Format:/
Quickly completed/


4 responses to “Origami Haiku Journal

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  2. T., I’m thinking of trying to write a “self-critique” about my haiku-ing because it keeps me from longer form thinking. I tried to write a son et about something and it was REALLY hard.
    Here’s my latest self-critique:
    6. A.D.H.D. Thoughts/ 
    Distilled into shrill* #haiku/ 
    Lacks meditation/ 
    Thanks for reading and writing T.

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