Dawn September 1st

25. Today ambushes/
Yesterday’s relaxation/
With lists of demands/

26. September intrudes:/
Arresting summer with warmth/
That must become cold/

27. Mornings, like seasons/
Always arrive exactly/
When they’re expected/

28. Seasons and mornings/
Do not arrive* to please**us/
They simply arrive/
#haiku *adjust **harm

29. We lament seasons/
Because we desire more time/
Than the years provide/

30. We resent mornings/
Because fair sleep nurtures us/
And demands nothing/

31. So when you must wake/
Remember you are alive/
And life has demands/

32. The seasons return/
Regardless of our desires/
As they always must/

33. The Autumn you face/
Is identical to Falls/
Your grandparents knew/

34. So enjoy today/
Whenever it begins &/
Wherever it Falls/


6 responses to “Dawn September 1st

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  4. Wish i would of read this in the morning. I’ve been loving the chilly mornings. I’m actually excited for the change in seasons.

  5. Steeling my self for the life I must live once school starts

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