Today’s Random Haiku

13. Simple Victory/
Overcomes the obstacles/
Without the rancor/

14. Overcoming strife/
Relies on awareness &/

15b. Simple answers don’t/
Resolve life’s complex problems/
Only hard work will/

16. Determination/
Within ambitious people/
Grows like a tumor/

17c. Experience won’t/
Leave any physical signs/
But still they matter/

18. I’m isolating/
Within crowds of nice people/
Unwilling to share/

19. Perfection rises/
On the horizon within/
Your optimism/
#haiku #dawn #nyc

20. Repeating attempts/
At Humanization will/
Enlighten your soul/


3 responses to “Today’s Random Haiku

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  2. #18 was real profound. I felt it was hidden among the others in this but it really stood out to me.

  3. Thanks, that’s the one I felt most strongly, but I can’t get the isolation in the crowd clearly enough in haiku format, T.

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