¿Why Haiku?

1. Why I write #haiku?/
To condense thoughts into “gems”/
Of witty wisdom/

2. At least that’s my claim/
& it is partially true/
(though they’re not all great)/

3. Occasionally/
They’re succinct perfect poems/
Of everyday live/

4. Capturing some truth/
In seventeen syllables/
Displaying my wit/

5. Well, actually/
I think I “perform my wit”/
Mostly for Ego/

6. I need to be “unique”/
As I litter digital/
Walls with graffiti/

7. I want to be heard/
Digital cacophony/
Of this modern life/

8. #Haiku distinguish/
My two cent utterances/
As something stylish/

9. I’m elevating/
My personal opinions/
Counting syllables/

10. It’s really Ego/
Both my “opinion” and “style”/
Wrapped up in #haiku/

11. All opinions suck/
They always hurt somebody/
Left, right or center/

12. Modern subjects need/
To feel like we’re listened to/
In this vapid world/

13. Anonymity/
From celebrity culture/
Makes us feel erased/

14. We post to be heard/
Tweeting our small opinions/
About larger world/


3 responses to “¿Why Haiku?

  1. Sometimes i think you speak solely in haiku lol. But, you make haiku writing seem easy. I never could write a haiku. You should try writing a regular poem, test your skills and “comfort zone”.

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