Today’s (Not-So) Ruthless Evaluation

1. Contemplating life/
Easy when comfortable/
Still needs to be done/

2. I’m taking account/
Of the person that I am/
Fairly ruthlessly/

3. Generosity/
With money just a “low B”/
Of the spirit “A”/

4. Alas, “high C” for/
Self-improvement Diligence/
I only start strong/

5. Socially I get/
High marks because I’m friendly/
“Works well with others”/

6. Improving my marks/
In “tolerance:” difficult/
I’m too judgemental/

7. I failed “Religion”/
I don’t believe “Man*” knows G_d/
Through ANY set text/
#haiku *huMAN, woMAN: language, like society, is sexist

8. I’m a good teacher/
“Organization” is where/
I could best improve/

9. Accepting students/
Is how I’d like to improve/
Those afraid to work/

10. Like most people, I’m/
Cursed with Ego and false Pride/
Thinking of myself/

11. Other people’s acts/
Don’t reflect on Stafford, though/
Ego says: “they do!”/

12. Students fail sometimes/
No matter how hard you try/
Acceptance is key/

13. I am powerless/
Over students’ “best” efforts/
Some do fear “trying”/

14. I’ll work to finish/
More of my projects today/
Then I will improve/

15. I will listen more/
Trying to understand more/
Not “be understood”/

16. I’ll accept people/
Who disagree with my thoughts/
& understand why/

17. Thank you for thinking/
About who you are today:/
Contemplating life/


2 responses to “Today’s (Not-So) Ruthless Evaluation

  1. Your writing always makes me miss school. 😦

    And, i couldn’t agree more with number 8. Does your office still look like a hurricane swept through?

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