Reunited Life

51b. Family returns/
Bringing our maelstrom of love/

52b. We need each other/
To be our essential selves/
Family shapes* us/
#haiku *makes

53. Meeting children’s needs/
Makes this father feel complete/
Service is heaven/

54. Having my partner/
To process occurrences/
Makes me less lonely/

55. Returning children/
Search for juvenile routines/
Rebuilding their youth/

56. As they get older/
Children’s motives gain nuance:/

57. Even the youngest/
Seeks to rebuild memories/
Of fanciful pasts/

58. Home is memories/
Of familiar occasions/
That happened one place/

59. The flavors of home/
Shape the unconscious palate/
Of the familiar/

60. Being together/
Re-completes each family/
Reuniting life/

61. Together we’re whole/
Needing all the components/
Of a family/

62. Parts fit together/
With some important friction/
Tempering each part/

63. Without the friction/
Family loses its warmth/
We need some conflict/

64. Appreciate warmth/
Growing egos must demand/
Though it is tricky*/
#haiku *painful

66. The clay of children/
Is fired slowly in a kiln/
Warmed by love’s friction/

67. We are slow-cooking/
Life in tender perfection/
By being gentle/

68. Demanding of life/
Immediate perfection:/


4 responses to “Reunited Life

  1. Do you know there was several additional haiku’s in your facebook note than this WP post?

    “When fam’ly returns/
    My Life recompletes itself/
    Making me better/ ”

    52a and 52c.

    I noticed cause they were my fav. But 54 was my number one. Glad your reunited with your wife and kids! Nothing like being with your loved ones.

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