Faith in Optimism Haikus


21. Anticipate life/
Each moment’s a bonanza/

22. “Best is yet to come”/
Beats in ev’ry human heart/
Because we all hope/

23. My optimism:/
Totally baseless & made/
From my feeble faith/

24. Religious promise/
Is the opposite of faith:/
Certainty ain’t hope/

25. Faith is acceptance/
Of what the world does is “right”/
No matter MY hand/

26. Religious dogma/
Demanding certain outcomes:/
Opposite of faith/

27. Accept diversity/
There is no one correct “way”/
Let others “suffer”/

28. People’s bad choices/
Validate your way of life:/
Don’t force “it” on “them”/

29. All living beings/
Need ev’ryone else’s lives/
For reality/

30. Don’t judge others’ lives/
Be grateful that they’re not yours/
Be the example/

31. Uplifting bromides/
Are uttered for the speaker/
Be Grateful don’t hate/

32. Sorry I “lectured”/
But I think I believe this/
Optimistic junk/


3 responses to “Faith in Optimism Haikus

  1. # 30 is my fav. Its a reminder “someone always has it worse” , so be grateful for what you have.

  2. Thanks for reading T

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