Consuming Haikus

37. Aching and hungry/
I enjoy painful feelings/
Working towards a goal/

38. Measuring my food/
Exercising my body/
Working towards a goal/

39. Working towards a goal/
Of a healthier life-style/
Focuses my soul/

40. Weight loss: cosmetic/
Extra weight is symbolic/
Of imagined needs/

41. Fat on my body/
The byproduct of desire/
Sated with cheap food/

42. Cheap food suppresses/
Feelings of unhappiness:/
Sweet tastes hide sour thoughts/

43. High fat crispy treats/
Are a vacation from thoughts/
Of incompleteness/

44. I want to savor/
Ev’ry Little Calorie:/
Don’t over-eat life/

45. Getting ev’rything/
Doesn’t make me that happy/
Working is the goal/

46. Getting ev’rything/
Not denying any joys/
Doesn’t give pleasure/

47. Joy can’t be consumed:/
Denial can produce joy/
When it’s for reasons/

(Curried Lentils with Carrots, Kasha, Corn Cut from Cob, Garlic Mustard Greens with Mushrooms & Onions, under Chili-Shrimp)


4 responses to “Consuming Haikus

  1. Are you on a diet or a health cleanse? I’ve been on a diet for just over a month now. It gets easier.

  2. Without my snack infected children around I am trying to “count points” which is how I lost 50 pounds before.

  3. Oh best of luck on your venture. I always found counting points and measuring grams a daunting task. So, i’m just doing a by eye portion control…low sugar…low sodium… low carbs.. and only lean meat sparingly…mostly vegetarian.

  4. I think the community of the WW meetings worked well for me, but I have trouble finding the same caliber of foodies here in Woodside. None the less measuring calories and fat and vegetables and the rest all in one place is helpful.

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