Batman Haiku Review

1. Ironies abound/
Batman’s foes are Robin Hoods/
Fighting “for” people/

2. Cat Woman fights back/
For working women in heels/
With some competence/

3. The evil villain/
Has a life sustaining mask/
But is just a “mask”/

4. The real villain is/
Not revealed until the end/
When she stabs Batman/

5. The many sub-themes/
Kept the Caped Crusader fresh/
With surprising turns/

6. New cop character/
By Joseph Gordon Levitt/
An excellent role/

7. The recurring roles/
Commissioner Gordon and /
Butler Alfred shined/

8. Interestingly/
Batman becomes suicide bomb/
Just to save Gotham/

9. Film References:/
*Escape From New York* enriched/
The Movie’s texture/

10. Catwoman’s Escape/
With Wayne’s “jewels” Humanized/
Quite believably/

11. It fulfilled Alfred’s/
Humanizing dream for Wayne:/
A final Escape/

12. The Nightwing Set up/
For Joseph Gordon Levitt/
Is so intriguing/





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