End of the Line

22. Just saw a woman/
Who’d been hit by an Auto/
Shit her pants and died/
(RIP pedestrian at Grand & Bushwick)

23. Feel all the feelings/
Relish all the discomfort/
Enjoy the pleasure/

24. Crossing on Grand Ave/
As fate waited to turn left/
Too impatiently/

25. The left on Bushwick/
Oncoming traffic speeding/
Hard to make safely/

26. The driver, weeping,/
Comprehended totally:/
Death under her car/

27. Cops do paperwork/
Bus driver offers solace/
Body under fender/

28. Soiled sweatpants stick up/
Displaying body’s last act/
Face buried in shame/

29. An instant before/
Two Women with normal cares/
Now one has them all/

30. Beyond or Beneath/
Mere mortal concerns, she lies/
Face down on pavement/

31. Her placidity/
In marked contrast to the sobs/
Behind steering wheel/

32. The cleavage between/
Placidity and weeping/
Like human fission/

33. Total anguish is/
Survivor’s sad luxury:/
She will never know/

34. So pray for killers/
As well as those sent away/
Nothing brings us back/

2 responses to “End of the Line

  1. Reading #29 broke my heart. So sad.

  2. Interestingly it was 22, with the bodily fluids juxtaposed with the driver weeping that got me.

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