Fire Island Day Twenty-Two

39. Magnificent waves/
Unique and identical/
Following the plan/

40. A strong Western wind/
Serrates arriving breakers/
Into crystal waves/

41. Beautiful breakers/
Combust ashore like cymbals/
Punctuating life/

42. Horizon’s small clouds/
Push the perfect breakers in/
For me to admire/

43. Ev’ry lethal curl/
Began as a gentle swell/
Before she grew up/

44. Waves surge in the deep/
Without displaying power/
‘Til the shallow shore/

45. Waves live in private/
Until the limited shore/
When she grows her grace/

46. The public beach makes/
The foamy gilded outfit/
She wears before us/

47. It’s the audience/
That creates the proud display/
We enjoy so much/

Waves’ repetition/
Create perfect metaphors/
For our existence/

2 responses to “Fire Island Day Twenty-Two

  1. It’s peaceful watching the ocean isn’t it. I haven’t been to a beach in a LONG time. Last year i didn’t go at all. I’m determined to go this year at least once. It’s tranquil and a great muse for writing inspiration.

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