Meditations on Waves

1. Magnificent waves/
Menacing shoreline swimmers/
Cold vaulted peril/

2. Temporary vaults/
Suspended over laced floors/
Eternal seconds/

3a. White marble of foam/
Temporary parqueting:/
Wave cathedral’s floor/

3b. Perfect froth levels/
People’s secular concerns/
To build faith anew/

4. Nature’s architect/
Is physics’ gravity &/

5. Each breaker designed/
Thirteen billion years ago/
For just this moment/

6. Each vaulted chamber/
Replaced behind a curtain/
Of gently laced foam/

7. Each wave’s filigree/
Is Tons of weightless bubbles/
Polishing sand’s grains/

9. Sand we can build with/
But waves we simply observe/
Already perfect/

10. Fluid majesty/
Obeys temporarily/
Mortal human claims/

11. Understanding of/
Gravity’s architecture/
Can’t change anything/

12. Our powerlessness/
Surprises only our wills/
& our proud Egos/

13. Bodies understand/
The limitations of life/
While Ego bristles/

14. Magic of the waves/
Architect of the perfect/
Erases all doubt/

15. Challenge not nature/
Long after you’ve departed/
Waves will keep curling/


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