Celebrity Predators

Thinking about the Penn State Football Greed Cowardice I wrote these poems. I wrote the numbered ones first and added A-through-E the next day. I think, though I may not have expressed it well here, that this stems from the same malady that permits bullying: stardom. Aren’t the cooler kids and jocks essentially schoolyard stars?

A. We allow the rich/
To “get away with murder”/
Because fame matters/

B. The laws of mortals/
Don’t apply to powerful/
To spite our values/

C. Prize college football/
Over children’s innocence/
Because of money/

D. Pleasure of many/
Permits the torture of few/
Until rich get caught/

E. Demand rituals/
Of this consumer culture/
No matter the cost/

21. Humans give extra/
Privileges to people/
With higher status/

22. America has/
Institutionalized this/

23. From the movie stars/
To the pee-wee-ball prospects/
We entitle some/

24. This “entitlement”/
Erodes the rights of others/
To some fair treatment/

25. The scramble for wealth/
Creates and justifies this lie/
That fame equals good/

26. The common person/
Is creation’s true zenith/
There’s your role model/

27a. The celebrity/
Consumerism’s monster/
Makes us unequal/

27b. Celebrity is/
Consumerism’s monster:/

28. Look within yourself/
For that which you seek without*/
We are all equal/
#haiku *in fame


One response to “Celebrity Predators

  1. Hmm interesting. I haven’t been able to discuss the Penn State scandal with many people cause no one really was following the news because of the football involvement. I didn’t follow it fully so what I know… I felt bad for joe paterno, I mean when he found out he reported it to the school. It may have been a few days later but i tired to imagine what it would be like 10 years ago. It would have been all so taboo. Not like today when reporting and action is almost instantaneous. It was the school that lacked action which enabled sandusky to continue being an abuser. I don’t really believe Joe Pa’s contracts for retirement and loans from the school throughout the years were a “buy off” for silence. He was a good coach for many many years and i think the football and schools programs and endorsements were solely about that and not a “cover up” . But, Joe Pa died of lung cancer and we will never get to the bottom of the story now. I think focus should be brought on the real abuser, Sandusky for his 45 counts of abuse. If i’m not mistaken the board of the school has already been replaced right?

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