Haiku Journal (Fire Island Day 14)

[it took me a while to get to the point, stick with them, these poems get better]

4. All of us alive/
Get our way most of the time/
So be more grateful/

5. Living simply proves/
Survival’s a miracle/
show some gratitude/

6. From the Boson-Higgs/
To the clean water we drink/
Miracles abound/

7. Tribulations give/
The existence we enjoy/
Some necessities/

8a. Even enemies/
Offer something important/
In this crazy life/

8b. Diseases provide/
Something important to life/
That we can’t perceive/

9. Necessities are/
Food, company & shelter/
Be grateful for them/

10. We do not need more/
Our species thrives with good* work/
Not with luxuries/
#haiku *hard

11. Life’s simple pleasures:/
Hearth, Food, friends, & time to think/
Are true luxuries/

12. Luxuries are not/
Things you can buy and save up/
They are our freedoms/

13. Freedom ain’t pretty:/
With it we can make mistakes/
& Hurt our neighbors/

14. Free to be tacky/
Corny-self-righteous-jerks is/
Also important/

15. We’re free to believe/
The most absurd of theories/
Of our creation/

16. Freedom demands our/
Tolerance and acceptance/
Of people we don’t like/

17. “G_d’s” snake handlers/
Have the right to spit venom/
No matter my thoughts/

18. Freedom makes demands/
That seem so cockamamie/
But we must relent/

19. Nothing’s guaranteed/
No sacred life is promised/
We are but mortals/

20. So I’ll try to help/
And accept the eccentric/
To let freedom live/



3 responses to “Haiku Journal (Fire Island Day 14)

  1. Reblogged this on todaysphotograph and commented:

    Fire Island Haiku Journal Day Fourteen

  2. verse 18 was my favorite because you used the word cockamamie. Takes some awesome skill to include that in any writing.

    Nice message overall. Particularly the point about being completely free and tolerant. We can’t pick and choose the opinions, ideals or practice we want and then turn around and limit others. Like we all want and love our freedom of speech. But that means both sides of the scale have the right to exercise their voice and views too and we have to be accepting of that. Reminds of me that quote ” I dont have to agree with what you say but I’ll defend your right to say it”. I forgot who said that line. But, very true.

    • Funny, I like the next one, 19, best. I love the powerlessness of mortality and the need for each person to giver among to each moment (I feel like the religious get a prefab-shortcut [maybe I’m too didactic]).
      Thanks for reading and commenting.
      Omar well?

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