1. Hell’s Special labyrinth/
Has hundreds of willing souls/
Waiting to drive cars/

2. Waiting for my turn/
In alpha-numeric line/
Of limited hope/
#haiku #obedience

3. Priv’leges granted/
Are opportunities lost/
And rights conceded/

4. Philosophically/
Power conceded to state/
Is diminished right/

5. Practically, powers/
Shared with others benefit/
All humanity/

6. It’s reluctant faith/
That makes us share through the state/
(It’s all we can do)/

7. Bureaucracy sucks/
But it is how we manage/
To intermingle/

(I went to the DMV and while I was in the preliminary line I saw a tattoo with a swastika [REALLY, it was on the tricep of the lumberjack of the tattoo in this blurry photo])



2 responses to “DMV

  1. odella woodson

    poetry at the DMV. that is a very good thing

  2. No wonder the roads have so many bad drivers. Spend a day at the DMV and agitate a person to their wits ends and then send them off to drive home…lol

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