Resistance is Poetry

Resistance is Illegible

Resistance is illegible/
No agenda to fulfill/
It is screamed to re-used beats/
& spray painted on public streets

Resistance isn’t public yet/
It’s outside communication/
Strangers’ loud dissatisfaction/
Mumbled in different versions/

Resistance has no address yet/
It couch surfs those acquaintances’/
That know things could be tolerable/
In alleyways and cubicles/

Resistance is inchoate still/
It is Demand’s Sticky Fetus/
Gestating in Discontent’s womb/
Demanding its right to exist/

Resistance has no sacred text/
It’s not been articulated/
Once described it’s deconstructed/
Resistance is just existence/

Resistance lacks halls of power/
It has no expressive clothing/
It doesn’t wear expensive suits/
Resistance sits on public streets/

Resistance’s unrecognizable/
It fulfills no stereotype/
It is not white, Black nor Colored/
Resistance is unknowable/

Resistance lives everywhere/
Dressing in the local clothing/
Whispering “things could be better”/
Try to listen to her grumbling/



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