Life’s Meaning

Life always has meaning

Life always has meaning/
Though we mortals can’t see/

Death always comes too soon/
As far as we’re concerned/

Looking for that meaning/
Is searching for “divine”/

Though we cannot see it/
Reason’s meaning exists/

Fumbling through our lives/
We might catch some glimpses/

But like bright shooting stars/
Can’t see eternity/

Metaphysical truth/
Evades human knowledge/

Nonetheless life matters/
Although we can’t know why/

We must just do our part/
Painting life with meaning/


2 responses to “Life’s Meaning

  1. Paint your life brightly/
    With the palette of the sun/
    Without intention/

    Meaning will unfold/
    Sometimes during the process/
    Oft times afterwards/

    When we are tired/
    And don’t expect an answer/
    Surrender explains.

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