Considering God


Religious Haikus


13. Is G_d my Master?/
Am I enslaved by goodness?/
Or do I choose good?/

14. My G_d wants no slaves/
(S)He wants lovers of freedom*/
Who care for others/
#haiku *free life

15. If we all step back/
Giving others advantage/
This world would improve/

16. Today I will try/
I will embellish the world/
With good behavior/

17. I am enslaved by love/
Beholden to decency/

18. Religions offer/
Bright-Coloring-Book outlines/
Of morality/

19. Yahweh & Jesus/
Both Allah and Mohammed/
Simplify G_d’s faith/

20. The simplicity/
Of spirituality/
Is just to do Good/

21. Pensamientos/
Sobre Dios y Cosas/
#haiku #español


6 responses to “Considering God

  1. IMHO God is Truth and Love, Joy and Bliss, Mercy and Grace. And me God’s blissings shine down upon you my blogging friend.
    Bill Foster

  2. Where to find God? In the present moment! The past is dead and gone forever, the future is known by God; we only have the present moment. And in that moment are all the gifts of God to us.
    Bill Foster

  3. I do not believe/
    In Jesus Christ, Yahweh or/
    Allah: I’m sorry/
    #haiku #religion

  4. Beautiful and thoughtful poems. Thank you for sharing them.

  5. Synchronicity! I have just recently collected a lot of haiku of mine from the past three years and was planning to publish them on my site. You are one step ahead. I enjoyed these pieces, and the later ones about your family. Perhaps I will try haiku-ing it next time my 12 year old (who is going on 15) rolls his eyes at me in disgust.

  6. I think my kids will sprain their eyeballs by rolling them so vigorously, let me know when you do.

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