Celebrity Demise


Some thoughts on the reaction to the untimely death of Whitney Houston and our reaction to this tragedy.


A. Whitney Houston dies/
Resting peacefully at last/
(Talent can’t save you)/

B. Guess her suffering/
Is no longer “active” pain/
(looking for a host)/

C. Zora Neal Hurston/
Declared: “You got to go there/
To know [the pain] there”/


30. Considering death/
Of artists from our young lives/
We confront our faith/

31. Artists’ importance/
Comes from appreciation/
Not what they create/

32. We mistake their fame/
For their cultural value/
When it is our love/

33. Celebrity fame/
Wealth that’s unattainable/
Is exposed as vain/

34. The artists’ power/
Is the pleasure we derive/
From what they create/

35. Our desire for fame/
Is to matter more widely/
That’s just vanity/

36. Strive for creation/
Not filthy lucre of fame/
Art ennobles man*/
#haiku *us

37. Celebrity’s faith/
Is in a system that makes/
“Big Eyes, little yous”/

38. Remember G_d is/
Divided equally up/
One share for each soul/

25. When the final soul/
Loses its mortal body/
G_d will be no more/

39. Modern life perverts/
Death to sell us sensation/
Sentimental fluff/


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