Centralization Haikus


Centralization haikus are an essay in poems about how we might be better off doing more for ourselves.

1. “Centralization”/
Tells lie of reduced friction/
Improving our lives/

2. The simple answers/
Of ease and simplicity/
Are just “selling” sloth/

3. Growth and progress are/
The results of our struggle/
As human beings/

4. Everything done/
For us, diminishes us/
Weakening our growth/

5. We’ll be tremendous/
When we create our worlds/
Over and over/

6. The world on store shelves,/
Shiny and factory made/
Suffocates all life/

7. Television sells/
The shiny world on store shelves/
to make fat men rich/

8. Consumer desire,/
The abstract, communal “want”/
Is never a need/

9. Needs are primitive/
(& must be hidden from us/
With our contentment)/

10. Satisfaction &/
Contentment come from within/

11. Honest lives of toil/
Make genuine happiness/
That cannot be sold/

12. Sprawling warehouses/
Filled with material goods/
Totally lack joy/

A. 1. Simulacrum Life/
Is America’s Product/

A. 2. Centralization/
For Industry’s convenience/
Stifles human life/

A. 3. Disney-Mall-Style-Life/
Is Simulacrum of Life/
Fooling the lazy/

A. 3b. Disney-Mall-Style-Life/
Is Simulacrum of Life/
Enriching the few/


4 responses to “Centralization Haikus

  1. Ak, fabulous.

    Essay of Haiku. Essence of word. Good for all.


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