Happy New Year

12-31-11 8:04PM

Scratcher Composition One

Every year is made up
Of those seemingly endless
Trivial little minutes.
Each and every second
And thought that visit us are
Uncontrolled, wild and feral.
They come like last winter’s snows,
The stars of the summer sky:
Leaves from Autumn’s evictions.

If I was lucky enough
To sit with you and talk some
I’m eternally grateful
For those brief precious moments,
Those fleeting meaningful words,
Those thoughts that we thought we shared
And problems we thought we solved
Became golden memories
That eternalize this year

The brief moments of a year
Are all that remain to us
The narrative arc is lost:
Each moment a bright tile
In the mosaic portrait
That the wider world observes.

Each of these random moments
Bright and unique together
Created this special year
That we were able to share.
I wish I could collect them
In a mix-tape of our year
To remember you by.



2 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. I wish i’d written that! but i am glad that i read it, and forgive me if i adopt a few lines for my upcoming new years cards.
    thank you stafford

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