Happy Birthday Dad

1. Today’s Dad’s Birthday/

I wish I could give you more/

Than Love and respect/


2. The greatest honors/

& public acclaim are not/

Good enough for you/


3. Medals of honor/

From those high institutions/

Do you no justice/


4. The worth of my Dad/

Transcends those public honors/

In every way/


5. Father-Son value/

Is “Society’s base pair:”/

Real education


6. Though the Son may pull/

Away to achieve manhood/

Father’s Lessons stay/


7. Kindness and concern/

For society and souls/

Is what Dad taught me/


8. To look at the world/

and strain to see G_d’s Beauty/

in every act*/



9. The patterns and acts/

Of Perfections Creation/

Appear if you look/


10. Lessons My Dad taught/

Without wasting any words/

Reappear daily/


11. Physical trinkets/

Would cheapen this eternal/

Lesson from my Dad/



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