Obscene Abundance


Obscene Abundance

1. Absolute plenty/
Means that there’s always too much/
Surfeit is the norm/

2. Abundance of goods/
Diminishes ev’rything/
Reducing each good/

3. Mega-production/
Does not produce happiness/
Only lots of things/

4. Indeed happiness/
Comes from the self-denial/
In all this excess/

5. Those who can refuse/
All of this wretched excess/
Seem superior/

6. Anorexia/
Akin to bulimia/
In rejecting need/

7. Those who can say “no”/
In this “yessing wilderness”/
Have power we’ve lost/

8. Hence thinner people/
Are privileged by culture/
Shamed by abundance/


2 responses to “Obscene Abundance

  1. Thanks for the “pingback”/
    I need more good attention/
    For my #haiku groups/

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