Kids, Culture, Commodity and Identity Haikus


Kids grow digitally

1. Watching friends’ kids grow/
On my kids Facebook pages/
Makes me more grateful/

2. Gothic tragedy:/
Predictable reaction/
To suburban living/

3. Accepting blonde hair’s/
Identity erases/
The soul within you/

4. Rejecting image/
Society gives your hair/
Needn’t include dye/

5. Your spirit can make/
Your appearance transparent/
If you live your Soul/

6. transforming your hair/
Is primitive camouflage/
Lacking any verve*/
#haiku *depth

7. We are struggling/
Towards our identity/
Against our culture/

8. Smart people see roles/
Ascribed to physical looks/
As diminishing/

9a. So “goth”-“thug”-“punk” kids/
Have figured out culture’s lies/
And bought rebellion/

9b. So “goth,” “thug” or “punk”/
Kids Have figured out culture/
Trying to fight back/

10. But real rebellion/
Cannot be Internet bought/

11. Prefabrication/
Of rebellion just rejects/
Superficial styles/

12. “Deb” or “thug” or “punk”/
or even the “Anarchist”/
Leave power’s power/



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