Philosophical Haikus



1. Short-cuts, like favors/
Always cost more than they save:/
Best to keep working/

2. Knowledge interferes/
With human understanding/
Acceptance is key/
#haiku (via Thic Nhat Han)

3. Please G_d rescue me/
From the judgement within me/
For others’ choices/

4. What’s misunderstood/
Is that while I write poems/
I must contemplate/

5. Only what you need/
Will make you truly happy/
Your “wants” hinder you/

6. Dawn reminds me it’s/
Important to remember/
That we’re just human/

7. The ugly truth is/
Judgement contaminates me/
In spite of pure thoughts/

8. We struggle to be/
Better than our impulses/
Putting others first/

9. Our coarse mortal needs/
Starve our eternal beings/
For creature comforts/

10. Mortal victories/
Over other living souls/
Cost more than they gain/

11. Humans competing/
Are unaware of the goal/
They fight so hard for/

12. Relative desire/
Obscures more meaningful goals/
Wanting victory/

13. Ev’ryday winners/
Can’t enjoy humanity/
Desire is too keen/

14. Being “right” hinders/
Everyday happiness/
In human affairs/

15. Gizmo I write on/
Serves too many purposes/
Drunk with the power/

16. A zen Puritan/
Is all that I seem to be/
Eschewing this game/


4 responses to “Philosophical Haikus

  1. Modern Art Endures/
    The disposability:/

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  3. This is a wonderful collection.

  4. Obviously whoever thinks these are haiku don’t understand that a haiku is MUCH, MUCH MORE than 17 syllables in three groups! Pathetic.

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