Nocturnal Creation

Nocturnal creatures/

1. Nocturnal creatures/
Thrive in bustling cities/
Finding their freedom/

2. Maybe it’s the light/
Or perhaps it’s the crowding/
But the night frees them/

3. People out at night/
Are the non-conformist ones/
Trying to stay young/

4. Since vampires aren’t real/
They only suck their own blood/
A pint at a time/

5. Daylight conformists/
Cede them the darkness follies/
For a safe routine/

6. Daylight people have/
The myth of security/
To mask all our fears/

7. But darkness and light/
Bathe an uncertain planet/
In equal measures/

8. “Seeing is believing”/
But we look at the future/
Absolutely blind/

9. Daylight is a lie/
Showing us but fate’s grim mask/
With its lying smile/

10. destiny is fate/
And death is all that awaits/
Life is what we have/

11. So enjoy your life/
Each and every moment/
Give your life meaning/

12. The meaning you give/
To this messy existence/
Is the best worship/



3 responses to “Nocturnal Creation

  1. #9 is my fav… “lying smile” – great phrase and in the context of your writing stood out very vividly. Awesome writing!

  2. Sorry, dont check word press that often. My dad is difficult. He’s recovering and all that from his valve replacement surgery, but he did suffer a stroke before that and he has a personality change and other mental deficits.

    Omar is pure gold. He always makes me smile and makes my difficult day better. He’s terribly sick. But, so easy to look other. He doesnt fuse or complain and always keeps a smile on his face no matter how much he is suffering. Couple more rounds of chemo…and hopefully it’ll bring a close to his treatment for now.

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