Text Message Mystery in 45 Haikus

Haiku Mystery

1. MMS photo/
From an unknown cell number/
Creates mystery/

2. Today’s Daily News/
Cover with today’s murder/
Next to a woman/

3. Her eyes spitting hate/
Gazing over bandana/
Gagging her mouth closed/

4. The hate masked terror/
I saw as I inspected/
Digital picture/

5. Who had bound and gagged/
This young woman with headline/
And then sent me proof?/

6.  Didn’t know the girl/
Must have been meant 4 someone/
Creepy wrong number/

7. I called the police/
They gave me twelve forms to fill/
Then said “we’ll call you!”/

8. Went back to iStore/
They said the number’s brand new/
Were no fucking help/

9. I Texted Pytor/
An illegal Polish friend/
Fired by Apple store/

10. For $20 dollars/
He searched the names numbers/
Close to my new one/

11. He found one strange name/
An odd Russian pseudonym/
Who’d paid for phishing/

12. A Brooklyn diner/
By Brighton Beach library/
They used the wireless/

13. To send out millions/
Of “emails” from “citibank”/
Russian and Polish/

14. “Perstroika” was blond/
Paid in crisp hundreds: tripled/
If counterfeit bills/

15. “Perstroika Kiev”/
Number two where I had three/
This was his picture/

16. Pytor pointed/
Out that I’d be the sender/
Needed strategy/

17. They next photograph/
Was just her face defeated/
The hate was erased/

18. The acts that erased/
Her fiery eyes imagined/
Were too terrible/

19. I even pitied/
The gangster this was meant for/
And the tortured girl/

20. Contacting Kiev/
Put me in a grand shitstorm/
Pytor avoided/

21. Now I was tied too/
My phone was in beefy hands/
Cyrillic Tattoos/

22. Negotiating/
For your life without your hands/
Isn’t difficult/

23. Pytor was hacking/
Originating number/
(He’d call from phone booth)/

24. His call, like angels,/
Came to rescue my body/
As they whipped my flesh/

25. The plan had been made/
Before I entered Brooklyn/
I left with thou$and$/

26. They got the iPhone/
And the sender’s phone number/
I got those hundred$/

27. After six hours/
Her next picture was sent him/
Pytor’d cloned the phone/

28. Image sent Kiev/
Included  cyrillic words/
It was very grim/

29. Barely conscious blond/
With the early edition/
Splattered in her blood/

30. Went to the pay phone/
It was already ringing/
Kiev was enraged/

31. Pytor decoded/
The GPS location/
From cameraphone/

32. Five-Thousand Dollar$/
Kiev paid for location/
Collected in park/

33. At the park drop off/
Kiev asked “why po-lice call?”/
“I made a report”/

34. “They have seen pictures/
But think I am you, not me”/
“They’re trying to help”/

35. “If Po-lice find me/
Is bigger problem I have/
You take the iPhone”/

36. “Cyall officer Jones/
One hour from now, gyive address/
You just sold to me”/

37.  I called a lawyer/
Who told me how to inform/
To immigration/

38. Got immigration/
To cut Pytor a green card/
For our case knowledge/

39. “The blonde is partner”/
(His mistress and his madam/
Pimping Russian girls)/

40.  Before the hour passed/
The blunt tool of the police/
Were given address/

41. Police and Kiev/
Found immigration waiting/
Pytor and I watched/

42. Bengali Cabbie/
Drove us by slowly, waiting/
For private perp-walk/

43. Russians wore bracelets/
They were the victims and perps/
Who’d paid me $o much/

44. Pytor got green card/
I got over ten-thou$and/
Kiev got Twelve Years/

45. I got a new phone/
I bought an Android on line/
Pytor’s selection/

Sent via CrackBerry enslaved by AT&T


2 responses to “Text Message Mystery in 45 Haikus

  1. Holy Crap. I felt like i was watching a episode of Law and Order SVU. Was this fiction or real? Either way it was very vivid and real while reading :shivers:

  2. Absolute fiction
    Totally told
    In sequential
    Haiku poems

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