a life ended today

I saw a woman die on Roosevelt Avenue today. Her striped socks half way between her shoes and her final resting place. The 60ish Asian woman crossing the Avenue was hit and catapulted 50 feet from crosswalk to crosswalk. The driver stopped. He, with the rest of us, kept on-coming traffic from hitting her. I called 9-1-1. An older woman had us flip her over and started CPR & mouth-to-mouth. The ambulance was there in less time than the 2 911operators took to write down “61st and Roosevelt Avenue, woman hit by car & unresponsive.”
We thought that since the ambulance had siren-ed away that she might have been alive.
But the 20 cops that closed Roosevelt and 61st suggested the real nature of the event: pedestrian death.
I’ll finger wag later.
I am pretty sure that “the end of the world” was not on this grandmother’s shopping list today (I cannot read Chinese but there were some handwritten notes in kanji sticking out of the sling that was tied around her).
My plan today was to grade papers before the apocalypse or rapture some Christians have scheduled for tomorrow.
Now I’m just not sure what I’ll do. What would you do if today were the day you saw someone die on the street?


12 responses to “a life ended today

  1. You take a moment to reflect. Be thankful for what you are and what you have and ur family. Try to pay it forward and do something in honor of those who can not. Most of all , learn from the experience. Cause there is nothing worse than not learning from the death of a person, regardless if you knew them or not.

    I’ve seen several people pass. It doesn’t phase me as much as it should anymore- because im permanently changed from my experiences, my perspective is set differently now. But, my dad was in intensive care several times for prolonged periods of time and in forest hills, there are four people to a room. My dad used to freak out ” they’re dropping like flies, I gotta get out of here!”…. It’s sad but if i learned anything from my daddy and from Omar, it’s just the way life is. It’s not fair. It’s not timely. I try to be as honest and open and live as best as i can each day, all day because u just dont know when your time will come.

    So go to work. Change some lives. Educate some minds. Go home. Hug your family. Write about it all. It’s the best we can do.

    And, happy to hear you and other stopped to help. Cause not everyone will do so. I know i do, but i’ve SEEN others stand by and do NOTHING. So take a moment to recognize and be proud of ur character and those with you today.

  2. Strangely comforting/
    To see people live and die/
    As we”ve always done/

  3. Saw a person die/
    And lots more people living/
    Ev’rything’s perfect/

  4. This death wasn’t gory/
    A quiet kinetic end/
    To another life/

  5. The death that I saw/
    was an auto homicide/
    Drunk in the morning/
    #haiku #smh

  6. This was my mother…I am saddened beyond belief and cannot believe how this happened. This was a completely avoidable situation….and I am still coming to grips with what’s happened. Fewer people should be given licenses to drive.

    • I am so sorry.
      For what its worth I prayed hard
      As she lay there

      I can’t imagine
      The pain and shock you feel now
      You are in my prayers

    • Chien, you and your family have my sincere condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I agree with you, fewer people should be given licenses to drive. It’s not fair what happened, and it was completely avoidable. I wish you strength and courage to grieve and cope for your mother.

  7. Thank you both. WQueens7, were you one of the three that tried to help my mother until the EMTs arrived?

    • Yes, standing impotently mostly. My daughter said there’s a memorial on the North West corner. I will put some flowers there tonight or tomorrow. Anything else I can do for you?
      I am so sorry your mother is dead.

  8. Thank you, I saw the flowers this morning.
    If possible, I’d like to meet you in person as does the other gentleman that was there with you, trying to save my mom. I’d also like to meet that lady that was with you trying to save my mom as well….

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