The Haikus of NOW

Life is Litter

On the stairs of life/
Our lives are simply litter/
So soon forgotten/

Desp’rate attempts at/
Some social conformity/
Make me feel broken/

I love the world/
Ev’ry corner/
Of existence/
even this pain/

I thank G_d for all/
The things that go my way, though/
The rest is HIS too/

How many times will/
The moon rise in my lifetime?/
Will I enjoy one?/

The moon rose unseen/
The crescent orange explosion/
Snuck passed our seeing/

Without my glasses/
Truck lights float by together/
Like constellations/

Desire’s cessation/
Creates a utopia/
In this busy world/
#haiku #redo

Words flee his head like/
People from burning buildings/
Consumed by lying/

Cessation of want/
Is the Utopia I/
Quietly desire/

Staring into phones/
Like they are oracles of/
Some Better future/


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