Peet’s Ere Dawn

1. I’m sitting @ Peet’s/
Watching the regulars meet/
Finding things to say/

2. They talk of weather/
Or traffic, or dogs, or friends/
Things that haven’t changed/

3. These topics mean that/
They’re glad to see & be seen/
And re-tell the world/

4. Creation’s color/
Becomes more vivid or safe/
Depending on tale/

5. They update status/
Over coffee as sunrise/
Happens to their left/

6. Rain starts in earnest/
Finally making puddles/
Pinned under awning/

7. The raindrops patter/
Competes with old friends’ meeting/
Quieting them down/

8. One just reported/
After 20 minutes’ chat/
That she put dog down/

9. Tumor, dementia/
Hit “Spot” in just two weeks time:/
Vet, shotS and then death/

10. 4th street’s Apple store/
Has undermined foundations/
Of neighboring stores/

11. Homeless cyclist/
With a Burley trailer sits/
In the rain with bike/

12. Other bike trailer/
Behind a workman’s cycle/
Pulls his tools and wood/

13. The railroad whistles/
Roll like fog over the ground/
Of Berkeley flatlands/


2 responses to “Peet’s Ere Dawn

  1. mat terwilliger

    hey i quit twitter…my email is…….. * i miss your wisdom……

  2. Man,
    You are boldly leading the way.
    I need to quit twitter, 4square, facebook AND my phone!

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