flight zero haikus

1. Anticipating/
Departure to Berkeley is/
Titillating me/

2. The bureaucracy/
Involved in modern travel/
Is barely worth it/

3. Airports’ checkpoints are/
Security theatre that/
Justifies itself/

4. The magic of flight,/
Of crossing a continent,/
Still amazes me/

5. Airports special tools/
Cars, trucks, carts, ports and portals/
Really geek me out/

6. Flight’s invention gives/
Amazing palette of/
Unique implements/

7. Changing Locations/
By thousands of miles is rare/
In our history/

8. Jet travel allows/
Common people magical/
Powers over space/

9. After they throw out/
Something from my bag we’ll see/
How security feels/

10. Once I land in West/
Perhaps the security/
Will feel more worth it/

11. I suppose airports/
Show me the national fear/
You can’t see from here/

12. Sociology/
Of airports and malls is strange/
To a New Yorker/

13. Places you drive to/
Are different than places/
You walk to get to/

14. The national guard/
Is rocking cammo in here/
Bristling with guns/

15. Not too many lines/
The terminal looks empty/
Now for the check-in/
(@ Terminal 5 w/ 5 others) http://4sq.com/eaaTms

16. Mother in Hijab/
Has child’s sippy-cup tested/
But they let it through/


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