Grim Graffiti

1. If you look closely/
Graffiti annotates world/
For the powerless/

2. Why should big business/
Be allowed to put their words/
Before us always?/

3. The ability/
To write publicly to sell/
Is too protected/

4. Let’s celebrate speech/
Of the downtrodden who write/
Their truths upon walls/

5. Grafitti is speech/
That colors outside the lines/
And riles people up/

6. The grafitti says/
“GRiM” though the writing cheers me/
When I think of art/

7. Thinking is a crime/
Your thoughts can stigmatize you/
Careful where you write/


2 responses to “Grim Graffiti

  1. I love graffiti! Nice haikus

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