subway portrait in 9 tweets

Latino man in a Korean Fisherman Association jacket sits with his wife & daughter and shares a bag of fried lotus root as he plays his daughter’s nintendo ds.

She takes back her ds after papi got her to the place in the game she likes; she puts her head down on her mother’s lap as we sink into the tunnel.

She loses and, frustrated, gives the ds back to her father who takes it, clearly enjoying being of service to her.

The mother, darker, more indian, and wearing high heels to manhattan, looks over the shoulder of the girl between them, watching the progress of the game & shooting loving glances at the side of her husband’s face.

They get off at the same stop as me and wait on the same platform. He carries two bags & a box and she holds the girls hand. With her “manhattan shoes” she’s taller than him, though they’re both less than 5’2″.

He stands on the platform straddling the box while his ladies sit. While they’re clearly new yorkers in their profiles I can see the andean carvings held hostage @ the brooklyn museum.

Like the archeology of peru in brooklyn this family seems to have been kidnapped by globalization and displayed like plundered relics on the 7 train.

Even now he is probably playing the opening screen of her game with mock exasperation as his wife looks on lovingly.

On saturday night they get to be a family.


3 responses to “subway portrait in 9 tweets

  1. this is fantastic. best i’ve read today.

  2. This sounds like flash fiction–it’s like you’re telling a minature story…I really like this & would like to see more.

  3. Gee thanks Rochelle

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