Icon haikus

This is my first posting from my handset using the new wordpress app. Let me know what you think about this. Or should I cancel this blog & recede to FaceBook?

This will expose me and my native repression but I have a learning curve to surf and I did it in #haikus. Tell me what I’m wrong about (I need to grow)

1. I’m confused by/
(jealous of) sexy icons/
That women can use/

2. Those little pictures/
That represent us on-line/
Say much about us/

3. Often History/
Says more about our “today”/
Than new photographs/

4. But I cannot use/
An old picture of myself/
That is salacious/

5. Men’s images lack/
Commodified sex appeal/
That can titillate/

6. When I see icons/
For my friends that say “desire”/
I get really confused/

7. Progressive women/
Who’d seem to know better use/
Old glamour photos/

8. Pictures with cleavage/
Raise questions best left unasked/
By engaged viewers/

9. The “women’s body”/
Has been stolen by culture/
And the media/

10. Representations/
Of women can’t be escaped/
by single people/
(individually has 6 syllables)

11. It’s my repression/
That confuses me about/
Women’s Photographs/

12. Repressed desire’s the/
Primary motivator/
Of advertising/

13. Playing with desire/
And personalizing it/
Is playing with fire/

14. Of course that might be/
My personal repression/
Judging the real world/


2 responses to “Icon haikus

  1. I think I like this daily digest of my day’s (favorite) #haikus. This new WordPress App might be nice.

  2. Personal beauty,/
    Quotidian reality,/
    Is undervalued/

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